Our Quality Combination

From the initial quote to the final delivery, we are committed to providing precision components paired with a superior experience.

At Quality Contour we understand the machining industry. We know that precision is key in every aspect of the job – including clear communication with the customer as well as the machinist on the shop floor; appropriate job scheduling to effectively meet or beat deadlines; and exact machining skill to produce parts with zero defects.

We know that your job depends on us doing ours – not only correctly, but on-time. At Quality Contour we appropriately schedule jobs to maximize our efficiency and ensure that your deadline is met without having to add unnecessary pressure and strain to our staff and equipment.

As a whole, Quality Contour works to provide customer satisfaction and a pleasant working experience. From the original estimate to the final product delivery at your facility, our goal is to always put customer satisfaction at the forefront. We currently achieve this through accurate estimates, established and maintained quality standards, timely turn-around, and continuous honest communication. If you feel there are areas that we can improve upon when it comes to customer satisfaction please contact us; we welcome your constructive feedback.

Quality & Assurance
At Quality Contour we retain an in-house, dedicated quality assurance team. Our inspection team uses state-of-the-art computerized inspection equipment to assure precision of each product we fabricate. The procedures of our quality program are based on the ISO 9001 standard. We became an ISO 9001 registered company in 2009 and have not fluctuated in our certification since. Our staff and facility at Quality Contour undergo yearly internal and external audits to assure that we are maintaining, as well as working to improve our quality program.